Psychometrics Test

Scientific test of aptitude and ability

With the United States’ Fortune 500 companies and the United Kingdom’s Times 100 companies employing Psychometric Test to determine employees suitable for promotion to top positions, the use of this tool as a measurement of ability and aptitude is spreading beyond the corporate world to the classroom. Psychometrics Test is now applied to test the aptitude and ability of students, with the objective of focusing them along the line of their interest and passions, making them excel in their selected field of study. This invariably leads to excelling in their chosen careers.

Psychometrics is formed from the Greek words for mental and measurement. Psychometric Tests are aimed at objectively measuring the mental ability and personality; the tests are a standard and scientific method used to measure individuals’ mental capabilities and behavioural style. Psychometric Tests are designed to assess students’ personality characteristics and aptitude, as well as cognitive abilities.

The tests are used to analyze three attributes of the individual: interests, personality, and aptitude. They match strengths in these three areas to specific career paths and higher education choices. The tests highlight which values are important to the individual, factors that motivate the individual and skills that come naturally to the individual. The tests are applied to help students determine their interests so as to enable them focus on the right field of study.

Psychometrics Tests are useful in helping students determine their career path early in life, whether the school has a guidance and counselling unit or not. The tests arm schools and parents with the information to optimize their wards interest, and in so doing, getting a stronger focus on their academics.

The tests arm guardian and counsellors with a far more superior and scientific tool to help students determine their natural ability, areas of interest and passion; enabling students to, at an early stage of their development, focus on their lifetime goals.
EduSoft Associates avails schools and parents Psychometrics Tests kits to determine the best career path for their wards, hereby leading to higher performance in schools and subsequently, potential for doing well after school.

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