Educational Tourism

Enriching and exposing the mind to global trends


EduSoft Associates in partnership with leading tourism organizations organises an annual tour of monuments, leading education institutes, companies and other important sights and sounds in India for students, in collaboration with their schools.

The objective of the tour is to expose students to technological and historical innovations so as to broaden their worldview and by so doing, ginger them to attain greater heights.

India has been variously referred to as incredible because of its mix of historical wonders, fast growing information technology companies and parks as well as other modern facilities. This mix not only makes India a tourist destination but also serves as perhaps the leading edutourism destination for students the world over.

During the visit, students will be exposed to the unique attributes of India’s industrial base, its IT sector that is globally acclaimed, and the beauty of its people and culture, which come together in a unique mix that has earned the country the popular moniker, Incredible India!

Pricing of the educational tourism service has been done in such a way as to make it affordable to parents and schools who wish to broaden the horizon of their wards beyond the theoretical teachings in the classroom, to encompass how the modern world works. India, being a fast developing country with rich historical, political and social systems, offers a unique mix of monuments, industries, people and places to broaden the perspectives of students.