Management Consultancy Services


India is universally acknowledged for its education and manpower development resources. The country produces hundreds of thousands of graduates in major disciplines every year. The graduates are in turn availed opportunities in multinational organisations where they garner experience, expertise and enhanced worldview.

These unique attributes make India one of the most attractive markets to recruit manpower for organisations in developing and mature markets. One of EduSoft’s specialties is helping organisations in Nigeria access the rich manpower resource in India. With its wide network in India that seeks out the cream of skilled workers who wish to gain international work experience.

EduSoft provides the platform for organisations that require such skilled manpower to easily access this rich pool. In addition, EduSoft helps such expatriate staff settle down in Nigeria and across the West African sub-region by connecting them to communities where they are able to express themselves, educating them of the expectations of their host communities, in a bid to make the host communities home for the expatriate staff.

This well-honed process of hiring expats from India for firms in Nigeria and across West Africa enhances the impact of the expats in the organisation where they are engaged and also in their host communities. They easily adapt to the cultural practices and lifestyle of their host communities. This invariably impacts positively on their productivity in the organisations where they work. EduSoft also offers consultancy services in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Agriculture, Medical Tourism, among others.

EduSoft’s manpower recruitment skills are unparalleled and geared towards helping organisations access the best skill sets necessary for their growth and profitability.