Who We Are

EduSoft Associates Limited is an education, human capital, information technology and management solutions provider, staffed with highly skilled professionals who have cognate experience spanning over six decades. With unique solutions designed for the education, management and IT sectors, EduSoft, established in 2011, has built a solid reputation as one ofthe foremost providers of solutions designed to enhance the ability of organizations to optimize resources in order to deliver value to their stakeholders.

Strategically positioned as a bridge between Nigeria and India, and also other parts of the world, EduSoft identifies specific needs of organizations, proffers best-in-class solutions; and where necessary, provide the required guidance to help organizations achieve their objectives.

In the education sector, EduSoft proffers solutions that help schools equip their students with modern tools and techniques to make scholarly activities a thing of joy. It also provides management solutions in the vocational sub-sector, while availing Nigerians the best available places in renowned Indian universities and colleges. These solutions are specifically suited to enhance the performance of students in the Nigerian school system while also helping other people acquire world-class educational and technical skills.

It is a testament of the value stakeholders find in these solutions that Abacus, one of the products from the stables of EduSoft Associates is being rapidly adopted by leading schools across the country. Also, EduSoft Associates has facilitated the admission of Nigerians to study course in universities and colleges in India.

In the IT sector, EduSoft is a leading provider of solutions that help organizations enhance their service offerings, ability to deploy their products and services quicker than the competition, and optimize resources in order to be profitable. These solutions cut across several industries, be they in the education, fast moving consumer good (FMCG), banking and other financial services sectors, among others. The solutions have been well recognized for their potential to transform the fortunes of organizations.

Another specialty in which EduSoft has demonstrated considerable expertise is in turnkey projects in various sectors of the economy: from establishing vocational training institutes and managing them for specified period, to turnaround of ailing firms in order to help them deliver on stakeholders’ expectations as well as sourcing trained manpower from other global markets for industries in Nigeria, among several others.

EduSoft is strategically positioned to help organizations in Nigeria deliver value to their stake holders in the years ahead.