India, the new education destination

India, the new education destination


Imagine you want to study in a world-class university and you are given choices that look like this: go to India, meet students from all over the world, enjoy a country overflowing with a rich culture mix, kind people, clement weather, with tuition of about US$3,000 per session; or go to Europe, pay as much as US$12,000 per session, live with the snowy cold weather and on top of that, you are always having to prove that you are not an illegal immigrant. Which would you chose? Did I hear you say, yes!

That, dear readers, is the same response millions of students from all over the world are saying to the question: “would you rather school in India?”

To put it in better perspective, there are at least 1.6million student openings in medical schools in India annually, millions of openings for students in engineering-based courses, computer science, graphics and animation, and a lot more courses that range from humanities to the social sciences. Degrees obtained from Indian universities are recognised and accepted globally. In addition to the undergraduate courses, there are also hundreds of thousands of post-graduate courses available in universities in Indian. They are equally as affordable as the undergraduate courses.

So, are you thinking of where to go to obtain that dream degree? Come talk with us at EduSoft Associates. We are renowned for our track record of securing very good spaces for students wishing to acquire university education. We provide seamless service, ranging from securing the admission, providing travel assistance such as getting visas, helping the student to settle down in India, and other services that may be required to make students comfortable in their scholarly pursuit.

Before you decide on going abroad to study, endeavour to estimate the cost of acquiring the degree (this cost consists of tuition fee, accommodation, feeding, books, and other incidental expenses); cost of living in the country of study; the general disposition of the citizens of that country to foreigners; and the acceptability of the degree on the global stage. Indian universities tick the right boxes.

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