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EduSoft Associates Limited is an education, human capital, information technology and management solutions provider, staffed with highly skilled professionals who have cognate experience spanning over six decades. With unique solutions designed for the education, management and IT sectors, EduSoft, established in 2010, has built a solid reputation as one of the foremost providers of solutions designed to enhance the ability of organizations to optimize resources in order to deliver value to their stakeholders.

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Our Services

EduSoft Associates provides education placement in leading universities and colleges in India, vocational training, bespoke corporate trainings and IT resource management.

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    Education placement

    EduSoft Associates is in partnership with leading universities and colleges in India with the objective of availing Nigerians desirous of acquiring worldclass education and thereafter graduating with a globally recognised degree, the opportunity to do so. EduSoft’s pedigree in seeking the best places in Indian universities for Nigerians is well established.Edusoft’s education placement services include seeking admissions to universities in Indian, processing visas and travel logistics, among others, designed to ensure that students integrate seamlessly into the Indian education system.

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  • vocational-training

    Vocational training

    and renowned training institutes in India, with the objective of availing Nigerians technical skills in vocational studies, is well established. Nigerians desirous of opening and owning vocational training centres are availed the skills and expertise provided by EduSoft Associates in easing the challenges associated with such ventures.
    Edusoft Associates helps to design and establish the vocational training centres and also helps to source experienced and well skilled trainers from India. With Nigeria’s huge skills gap, such training centres help to empower Nigerians with the right skills to provide direly needed services across all sectors of the economy.

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    Edusoft Tutorial center

    Edusoft Tutorial Centre is a new division of Edusoft Associates Ltd. It is a coaching centre dedicated to tutoring students of Central Board of Secondary Education, India (CBSE) and West African Education Council, Nigeria (WAEC) in most crucial subjects, by a well-qualified and internationally experienced Expatriate and Indigene faculty.

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Our Products

Under its education products management portfolio, EduSoft Associates
provides several solutions such as Abacus and Speed Mathematics, Knewcleus, Edutourism and Psychometrics Test, availing people and organisations solutions enhance growth, development and profitability.

Abacus and Speed Mathematics

Turning the brain to an advanced calculator

Educational Tourism

Enriching and exposing the mind to global trends


Knewcleus is an education management application that maximises students’ potential by enabling collaboration between students, teachers, principals...

Psychometrics Test

With the United States’ Fortune 500 companies
and the United Kingdom’s Times 100 companies...


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    Indians in my own opinion are very friendly, accommodative, and interactive, especially if you respect them.

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    I am a living witness that Indian universities are widely patronised by students from different countries including Australia, Canada, Nepal, and even USA.

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    I studied in SRM University, but I had the privilege of visiting various other universities and colleges. I am impressed with the modern teaching and learning facilities I saw. Such facilities include among others: uninterrupted internet service, libraries, and modern laboratories.

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    One of the unique advantages of Indian educational system is that the teaching professors are very friendly to their students and are always ready to listen to your problem and concerns.